Gail Gregg has written for a wide range of magazines and newspapers. Her articles on contemporary art, including profiles on some of today’s leading artists, are listed below.
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A Welcoming Oasis, ARTnews
April 2012, pgs. 44-45
Beardenmania!, ARTnews
Summer 2012, pgs. 106-114
Kansas City Chief, ARTnews
September 2012, pgs. 54-55
The Persistence of Memories, ARTnews
September 2011, pgs. 1-3
Your Labels Make Me Feel Stupid, ARTnews
Summer 2010, pgs. 106-109
Nothing Like the Real Thing, ARTnews
December 2010, pgs. 68-71
I Will Never Look at Painting the Same Way Again, ARTnews
October 2006, pgs. 166-169
How to Talk to an Artist, ARTnews
June 2005, pgs. 114-115
What They're Teaching Art Students These Days, ARTnews
April 2003, pgs. 106-109
Streams of Consciousness (profile of Amy Sillman), ARTnews
June 2001, pgs. 120-123
An Offhand Sublime (profile of Brice Marden), ARTnews
March 2000, pgs. 130-133
The Ringgold Cycle (profile of Faith Ringgold), ARTnews
June 1999, pgs. 112-115
Natural Selection (profile of Michelle Stuart), ARTnews
March 1999, pgs. 98-99
Blob Appeal (profile of Carroll Dunham), ARTnews
January 1999, pgs. 102-105
The Making of a Retrospective (Chuck Close at MOMA), ARTnews
April 1998, pgs. 142-147
From Bathers to Beach Towels (museum merchandising), ARTnews
April 1997, pgs. 120-123
Spotlight: Robert Mangold, ARTnews
September 1996, pgs. 89-90
Poetry in Heavy Metal (profile of Mel Edwards), ARTnews
February 1995, pgs. 104-107
Diana D. Brooks: Leading Sotheby's Quiet Revolution, ARTnews
November 1994, pgs. 65-69