In her most recent work, Gail Gregg transforms homely, everyday objects that typically go unseen. A chicken crate lid becomes a geometric painting. Through a variant of alchemy, paper pulp packing materials destined for the trash are transfigured into radiant, gilded objects. Orphaned photo albums become haunting images of loss. Vintage postcards coupled with material from supermarket fliers are imbued with surrealistic narratives. These repurposed objects and images speak to the possibility of transformation, humor – and the quantity of trash generated in our profligate 21st Century America. Finally, they remind us not to take even the most insignificant things for granted.

Please look for Gail’s new artist books, Checked Out and Bliss, at Printed Matter, 195 10th Avenue, NYC.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions

On Balance, New Work by American Abstract Artists, Art Cake Gallery, April 14-May 14, 214 40th Street, Brooklyn NY

Blurring Boundaries, Mattutuck Museum, May 2, 2023-Sept. 2, 2023, Waterbury, CT

Recent Exhibitions

Blurring Boundaries, The Women of the American Abstract Arts, Dec. 3, 2022-Feb. 26, 2023, California Center for the Arts, Escondido, CA

175th Anniversary Exhibition, The Century Association, Sept. 22 – Nov. 7, 2022, New York, NY
Blurring Boundaries, The Women of the American Abstract Arts, July 14-Oct. 23, Louisiana State University Museum of Art,  Baton Rouge, LA



AAA Print Portfolio My work is included in the American Abstract Artists 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio, which has traveled to The Wrather West Kentucky Museum, Murray State University; Biggin Gallery, Auburn University; Vanderbilit University Fine Arts Gallery; and Martin Gallery at Muhlenberg College.


Supreme Fiction
Please check out this review of the AAA show at the UBS Art Gallery, in which my work is discussed

Pro Wax
Please take a look at this piece by Deborah Winiarski, in which my work is featured with that of several artists working with wax and paper.

Nothing Ever Works
Please visit my new project in progress:

An online resource focusing on geometric form in contemporary abstract art.

AAA 75th Anniversary Print Portfolio, 2012
MoMA has accepted the Portfolio into its Special Collection. Click to see my print, Delicious.

Geoform Interview
Please read my interview with painter and Geoform co-editor Julie Karabenick